Thursday, April 14, 2016

An UP Date...Still Here...Still Thin In 2016

Just an update from since I experienced this fat cure and wonderful experience and wrote this blog to record every step of the way for you😀 At the time I did this HCG Type diet, I did not really know if this would work or not 😁 I decide to record all steps each day, so if it worked you could follow my steps to a successful and healthy weight loss. If it did not work for me, then you could also see that and stay clear. Since the time I lost about 42 pounds and around 41 or 42 inches in about 42 or so days, I continued to work out at a gym and do about 45 minutes of treadmill, and a few toning exercises with weights. I was invited to play in a foursome to play golf. Of course I started out being the worst player. This will be my fourth year of playing golf on a regular basis. I have a goal of a score of at least below 80 one time this season . We will just have to SEE👀 I did not know it at the time, but all that work out time helped save my life. That, and loosing the extra fat around my belly with this wonderful diet . At the end of my first season playing golf, I was using s 3-wood to drive with at the TEE. A cousin of my wife said why don't you try my driver. I did for about four holes and there was no comparison . The next day on the course with my buddies, I was out driving my golf friends by sixty yards while literally having a heart attack⚠️ The next morning at eight in the morning I was on the operating table having a stint put in. The heart doctor said the extra exercise allowed my heart to grow at artery around a blocked one to my heart. The loss of weight helped save my life. If had not lost the weight with this HCG diet, and exercised, when I did have that fateful heart attack, I just might not be here now. My friend ‼️ .... You are on a similar journey yourself, or you would not be reading this material. You may not be as lucky as I was . You may or may not out weigh me before I lost the 42 to pounds by , 60 to 100 pounds. You do not have to believe me, just Google about belly fat and you will discover it is a TOP KILLER🔪. It is my sincere hope that you will pray about it, then read all you can about the HCG diets. Read all the testimonials of people who have had great success loosing the pounds and then like myself discovering how to keep it off🎧 You must loose all that weight or loose your life.... The statistics do not lie. You can do this. It is the easiest and best thing I ever did for myself. I enjoyed every bite of great, healthy food. May God give you the strength to look into this way to have a fat cure and gain many extra years with your loved ones ⏰ Time is ticking. Do what you can do and loose that weight and save your own life..... Just like I did. God bless, Your brother Mark Write a message in my blog, if you have any questions. I have nothing to gain, but you have everything to loose or gain . 

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