Thursday, April 14, 2016

An UP Date...Still Here...Still Thin In 2016

Just an update from since I experienced this fat cure and wonderful experience and wrote this blog to record every step of the way for you😀 At the time I did this HCG Type diet, I did not really know if this would work or not 😁 I decide to record all steps each day, so if it worked you could follow my steps to a successful and healthy weight loss. If it did not work for me, then you could also see that and stay clear. Since the time I lost about 42 pounds and around 41 or 42 inches in about 42 or so days, I continued to work out at a gym and do about 45 minutes of treadmill, and a few toning exercises with weights. I was invited to play in a foursome to play golf. Of course I started out being the worst player. This will be my fourth year of playing golf on a regular basis. I have a goal of a score of at least below 80 one time this season . We will just have to SEE👀 I did not know it at the time, but all that work out time helped save my life. That, and loosing the extra fat around my belly with this wonderful diet . At the end of my first season playing golf, I was using s 3-wood to drive with at the TEE. A cousin of my wife said why don't you try my driver. I did for about four holes and there was no comparison . The next day on the course with my buddies, I was out driving my golf friends by sixty yards while literally having a heart attack⚠️ The next morning at eight in the morning I was on the operating table having a stint put in. The heart doctor said the extra exercise allowed my heart to grow at artery around a blocked one to my heart. The loss of weight helped save my life. If had not lost the weight with this HCG diet, and exercised, when I did have that fateful heart attack, I just might not be here now. My friend ‼️ .... You are on a similar journey yourself, or you would not be reading this material. You may not be as lucky as I was . You may or may not out weigh me before I lost the 42 to pounds by , 60 to 100 pounds. You do not have to believe me, just Google about belly fat and you will discover it is a TOP KILLER🔪. It is my sincere hope that you will pray about it, then read all you can about the HCG diets. Read all the testimonials of people who have had great success loosing the pounds and then like myself discovering how to keep it off🎧 You must loose all that weight or loose your life.... The statistics do not lie. You can do this. It is the easiest and best thing I ever did for myself. I enjoyed every bite of great, healthy food. May God give you the strength to look into this way to have a fat cure and gain many extra years with your loved ones ⏰ Time is ticking. Do what you can do and loose that weight and save your own life..... Just like I did. God bless, Your brother Mark Write a message in my blog, if you have any questions. I have nothing to gain, but you have everything to loose or gain . 

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Friday, April 29, 2011


Just Believe and Loose THE FAT NOW !


I am no longer over weight and at such a high rate for heart attacks and strokes!
I lost 41 pounds and 41 inches in just 43 DAYS! Do a Google search on Kevin Trudeau's book
THE WEIGHT LOSS CURE. I read this book about 4 years ago and then put it out of my mind, because I did not think it would be possible for me to do all that was required at the time.
Things have CHANGED DRASTICALLY, and I was going no where, in my efforts to become healthy and loose the weight. I was going to Med-Fit and burning 600 cals. a day and lifting weights and using exercise equipment, but could not loose any more then 5 pounds that came right back!
I read about the HCG diet on the internet recently. I kept searching, until I found what appeared to be the best bet for me. It consisted of taking a simple spray in the mouth 2 times a day and 12 hours apart, that tricks the body into releasing the STORED FAT that will not leave the body any other way.

If you will just go back to my FIRST POST, you will see that I had no idea that this would work
or not. It just seemed very possible that it could work, after reading the book "POUNDS AND INCHES", by Dr. A.T.W Simeons, who came up with a CURE FOR OBESITY in the 50's.......

Here are my results:
Weighed at start of diet, before loading at 228..........After loosing 41 -pounds in 43 days
My current weight is 188 as of 4-30-2011, as I believe I will have lost a pound by morning!
There is NO REASON YOU CANNOT LOOSE BETWEEN 40 AND 20 POUNDS IN THE NEXT 50 DAYS. Men tend to loose on average 40 and women 20.

Inches before: Inches after:
neck 18 AFTER neck 15.5
shoulders 50 shoulders 48
chest 48 chest 42
stomach 43 AAAAAAHHHHH ! stomach 36
waist 38 waist 34.5
butt 41 butt 38.25
bicepts 17.5 rt bicept 14.5
" 17 lft bicept 14.5
thighs 24.5 rt thigh 21.25
" 23.5 lft thigh 21
calf 15.5 rt calf 14
" 15 lft calf 13
forearms 13.5 rt forearm 12.5
" 13.5 lft forearm 12


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Don't Be Afraid To Shed The POUNDS For GOOD


AFTER AT 187 ---------------------SIZE 33 PANTS
BEFORE AT 229 --------------------SIZE 38 PANTS

Be sure to go back down to my first post to follow my progress and understand what I have been doing in this dramatic, wonderful life change EVENT!

The following will be my log sheet to edit each day for my progress the next 6 weeks.
This is vitally important to do right to set my weight and not gain it back. There is a formula based on the average weight lost each day that will set how many CALS I need to eat the next 6 weeks.
This the calculator for my personal age, weight, height, amount of activity - exercise daily I will use to get me started:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Daily Caloric Expenditure

The USDA 2000 calorie diet is only a recommendation - use this tool to determine how many calories you actually need daily. Simply fill in the fields and hit "Calculate Daily Calorie Needs" below.

If you are on a diet, and trying to determine how many calories you should be consuming to reach your target weight you can use our Calories Needed for Weight Loss analyzer.

English | Metric



Your Activity Level

Check the activity level that best matches your lifestyle.

  • At work - you work in an office
  • At home - you're usually sitting, reading, typing or working at a computer
  • Exercise - you don't exercise regularly
  • At work - you walk a lot
  • At home - you keep yourself busy and move a lot
  • Exercise - you participate in light exercise or take long walks
  • At work - you are very active much of the day
  • At home - you rarely sit and do heavy housework or gardening
  • Exercise - you exercise several times a week and push yourself pretty hard
  • At work - you hold a labor-intensive job such as construction worker or bicycle messenger
  • At home - you are very active with heavy lifting and other rigorous activities
  • Exercise - you participate in physical sports such as jogging or mountain-biking each day

This was my starting count I will use based on the above calculator:

Daily Caloric Expenditure

You burn 2300 calories during a typical day. Remember that this estimate is based on your body weight, height, age, gender, and your average level of activity.

You can use this information to help you figure out how many calories you should be consuming to maintain your weight. On active days, you'll need more calories, so it's okay to eat a little more than you would on an average day. But on more sedentary days, you may want to reduce your calorie intake. If you want to lose weight, try to stay below your calorie needs or increase your activity level. However, make sure you are eating nutritious meals and not restricting your calories too much - eating too little or losing weight rapidly can be unhealthy and dangerous.

My log for the next 6 weeks:
Starting when I get hungry in the next 2 to 3 days.
Started Phase 2 at 229 and lost 41 pounds down to 187 which broke my goal by one pound.
Will be posting BEFORE & AFTER SHOTS IN NEXT FEW DAYS! I can't believe I found myself again. I have not seen my real me since the birth of my first son in 1978! Praise the Lord and our wonderful Father God !
Phase 3 Daily Journal
LSW 188.0

Start Week # 1
Sat 4-16-2011
P3D1 - 188.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0Sat 4-16-2011
P3D1-188.0 (+1) apple, ice tea,green beans, hamburger steak, salad, chicken, strawberries, ice tea. 500 cal.

Sun 4-17-2011
P3D2- 188.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
apple, ice tea, salad, steak strips, ice tea, green beans, chicken breast, ice tea, strawberries.
500 cal.

Mon 4-18-2011
P3D3 -188.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0) apple, ice tea,2 salads, liver, green beans, cottage cheese, strawberries, ice tea, lemon in tea.
500 cal.

Tuesday 4-19-2011
P3D4-187.0 (-0) apple, ice tea, cottage cheese, asparagus, 2 salads with tomatoe, cucumbers, carrots, 5 oz white turkey, cup coffee with stevia, spoon ful 1% milk in it, water,mixed veggies with col. Brocklee one serving. Know I added too much too quickly, but we had friends over for supper and I was more hungry on day for of Phase 3.

Wed 4-20-2011
P3D5- 187.0 (+0/-0.0) -00.0
Orange, apple plus peanut butter, ice tea, /banana plus peanut butter. 20 almonds/cup green beans, 2 cup cottage cheese, 2 large stalks celery and peanut butter, 15 almonds,
1 cup spicy V-8, 1cup milk, apple/4 strawberries, apple and light mayo, 20 almonds/ asparagus, 9oz chicken breast, cottage cheese, 3 large strawberries, large tomato.

Thursday 4-21-2011
P3D6 - ???.0 (+0/-0.0) -00.0
2 poached eggs, apple, ice tea,/ apple/ salad with tomatoe, cucumber, onions, carrots, 2 fried eggs, serloin beef tips 8oz with onions, ice tea, water/ salad with tomatoe, green pepper, onion, cucumber, hot pepper, chopped steak 8 oz, ice tea. Cal?

Fri 4-22-2011
P3D7 - 189.0 (+2/-0.0) -00.0
1 orange, 1 apple/, ice tea, 2 small salads from McDonald's, 2 plain fish without bread, 2 large ice teas,/ 1 ground hamburger, 1/4 cabbage, ice tea, strawberrys.

End Week #1

week 2
P3D8 - 188.0 (+1/-0.0) -00.0
Sat 4-23-2011
Orange, apple,/ steak strips 8oz in salad with tomato, onion, ice tea, water, eggs sliced./8oz round steak, greenbeans, ice tea, cottage cheese and strawberrys, 1 boiled egg.

P3D9 - 188.0 (+1/-0.0) -00.0
Sun 4-24-2011
1 orange,apple,/
7oz serloin steak, salad with tomato, cucumber, cheese, small 3 inch square open omelet mushrooms and tomato, asparagus, water/large salad with 8oz chicken, tomato, green peppers, hot peppers, onion.

P3D10 - 188.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
Mon 4-25-2011 Orange, apple, 2 teaspoon of peanut butter/stalk of celery and peanut butter, cup of v-8-spicy/9 oz hamburger, 2 tomatoes, 2 cups green beans, ice tea./banana teaspoon peanut butter, cup skim milk, 15 almonds, apple and light mayo/

P3D11 - 188.0 (+1/-0.0) -00.0
Tuesday 4-26-3011
P3D11 -188 (-0)
Apple, orange/ 2 fish paddies plain, 2 side salads, ice tea, apple peanut butter/ apple, orange,2 large celery stalks, 1 short with peanut butter, apple with light mayo, cup spicey V-and 5oz serloin, salad with tomato, onion, cheese, water, 20 peanuts/ 20 almonds, 2 large ice teas.

P3D12 -187.0 (+/-1.0) -00.0
Wed 4-27-2011
Orange, apple plus peanut butter, ice tea, /banana plus peanut butter. 20 almonds/cup green beans, 2 cup cottage cheese, 2 large stalks celery and peanut butter, 15 almonds,
1 cup spicey V-8, 1cup milk, apple/4 strawberrys, apple and light mayo, 20 almonds/ asparagus, 9oz chicken fbreast, cottage cheese, 3 large strawberrys, large tomato.

P3D13 - 188.0 (+1/-0.0) -00.0
Thursday 4-28-2011
orange, apple & peanut butter, banana & peanut butter/15 almonds, cup V-8/
Chicken 8oz, asparagus, large tomato, ice tea/orange, banana & peanut butter/ Elrodeo - enchalda chicken, beef burito, chips & sausa, lettuce, ice tea, beef tips & onions. Quelastima!

P3D14 -189.0 (+2/-0.0) -00.0
Fri 4-29-2011
orange, half apple & peanut butter, /
2 eggs, salad with onion, tomato, cheese, 8 oz beef tips and onion/ice tea,water,/ salid with tomato, celery, apple, sausa, strawberries, ice tea.
End of Week #2 -

Start Week #3

P3D15 -188.0 (+1/-0.0) -00.0
Sat 4-30-2011
P3D15 -188
apple, orange, banana & peanut butter, /salad with turkey, ham, tomato, eggs, cheese,onions/ salad with tomato, celery, apple, sauca

P3D16 - 188.0 (+1/-0.0) -00.0
Sun 5-1-2011
apple, orange, peanut butter/
Cottage cheese, strawberries, lettuce, 4 small tomatoes, vanila yogert, 15 almonds/ turkey, 2 order carrots, salad, ice tea, strawberries, cottage cheese, ice tea.

P3D17 - 187.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
Mon 5-2-2011 Med Fit start exercise again/.
Tea,Orange, apple, banana & peanut butter/ apple/lettuce & cottage cheese, spicey cup V-8, strawberries, green beans, apple/ Subway- large salad with peppers, hot peppers, tomato, onion, chicken 8 oz/
Cup vanila yogert,15 almonds

P3D18 - 187.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
Tues 5-3-2011
apple, banana & peanut butter, orange, /1 cup yogert & 15 almonds,/ round steak 8 oz, green beans, cottage cheese, strawberries,tomatoes, ice tea/
2 large cellery & peanut butter, 20 almonds, 1 cup V-8 spicey/

P3D19 - 187.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
Wed 5-4-2011
MedFit exercise day 2/
Apple, orange, banana & peanut butter, 1cup vanilla yogert/
8oz round steak, asparagus, tomato, cottage cheese, ice tea/
2 8oz meat loaf, 2 small servings
Mixed veggies of brochlee, cal, carrots, cheese sauce, salad with tomato, carrots, mixed lettuce , red cabbage, ice tea, cup of vanilla yogert, 20 almonds.

P3D20 - 188.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
Thursday 5-5-2011
Apple, orange, banana & peanut butter, ice tea/
Snack apple and light mayo/
Asparagus, meat loaf, cottage cheese, tomato, ice tea/

P3D21- 187.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
Fri 5-6-2011
Banana and peanut butter, /
2 plain fish no buns, apple, ice tea/3 peanut butter cookies,
11 oz steak, mixed veggies, salad, water
End Week #3
Week 4
P3D22 – 188.0 (+1/-0.0) -00.0
Sat 5-7-2011
apple, orange, banana & peanut butter/
Banana and peanut butter/
Salad with tomato, red cabbage, carrots, mixed lettuce, apple, 8oz meat loaf, ice tea/
Large salad, turkey, French dressing, apple, ice tea./
2 oatmeal cookies, 1/2 apple, glass cranberry juice.

P3D23 – 187.0 (+/-1.0) -00.0
Sun 5-8-2011
Orange, banana & peanut butter, 15 almonds/
2 eggs, hash brown potatoes, 8 oz beef tips, ice tea, salad/
2 15.2 oz cranberry juice 480 cal.,
Rice crispy bar treat 150 cal/
Chicken crisp in salad, onion rings , ice tea

P3D24 –187.0(+/-0.0) -00.0
Mon 5-9-2011
Banana & peanut butter, apple, orange/
Large salad with tomato, apple, sausa, BBQ sause, cottage cheese, strawberrys, ice tea/
Steak salad, ice tea, strawberrys, 20 almonds/

P3D25 - 187.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
Tues 5-10-2011
Apple, orange, banana & peanut butter/
Large salad with apple, walnuts, strawberrys, sausa, tomato, ice tea/
yogert & almonds,/
Large salad with cheese, egg, Tomato, peppers, cucumber, strawberrys, yogert and nuts, hamburger, ice tea

P3D26 - 188.0 (+1/-0.0) -00.0
Wed 5-11-2011
apple. Orange, banana & peanut butter/
Steak 11oz, Brussels sprouts, /
Steak. 11pz, Brussels sprouts, cottage cheese, strawberrys, ice tea
Thur. 5-12-2011
P3D27 - 000.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
Fri 5-13-2011
P3D28 - 000.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
End Week #4 -

Week #5
P3D29 - 000.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
P3D30 - 000.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
P3D31 - 000.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
P3D32 - 000.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
P3D33 - 000.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
P3D34 - 000.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
P3D35 - 000.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
End Week #5

Week #6
P3D36 - 000.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
P3D37 - 000.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
P3D38 - 000.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
P3D39 - 000.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
P3D40 - 000.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
P3D41 - 000.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
P3D42 - 000.0 (+/-0.0) -00.0
End Week #6
End of Phase 3B

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Results HHCG

Please go down to my first post and see why this works ! I never dreamed I would have such a wonderful life change ! Eating right and never hungry. Lost 37 pounds in 40 days ! YES THAT IS RIGHT !

2-28-2011...........Load Day One - 228
3-01-2011...........Load Day Two - 229
3-02-2011..........Phase 2 Day 1 - 225
3-03-2011.........Phase 2 Day 2 - 220
3-04-2011.........Phase 2 Day 3 - 217
3-05-2011.........Phase 2 Day 4 - 216.5
3-07-2011..........Phase 2 Day 5 - 215
3-08-2011..........Phase 2 Day 6 - 214.5
3-09-2011..........Phase 2 Day 7 - 214

3-10-2011..........Phase 2 Day 8 - 212
3-11-2011..........Phase 2 Day 9 - 211
3-12-2011..........Phase 2 Day 10- 211
3-13-2011..........Phase 2 Day 11- 209 1/2 way to goal of 189!
3-14-2011..........Phase 2 Day 12-208.5
3-15-2011..........Phase 2 Day 13-207
3-16-2011..........Phase 2 Day 14-206

3-17-2011..........Phase 2 Day 15-205 Almost to MAGIC 200 CLUB AND TO 190 CLUB !
3-18-2011..........Phase 2 Day 16-205 Loose inches day
3-19-2011..........Phase 2 Day 17-204.5
3-20-2011.........Phase 2 Day 18-204
3-21-2011.........Phase 2 Day 19-203
3-22-2011.........Phase 2 Day 20-202.5
3-23-2011.........Phase 2 Day 21-202

3-24-2011.........Phase 2 Day 22-201.5
3-25-2011.........Phase 2 Day 23-198.5 Here we go.....Did to bust through 200 ! Whoopee Woweee
3-26-2011.........Phase 2 Day 24-198
3-27-2011.........Phase 2 Day 25-197
3-28-2011.........Phase 2 Day 26-197.....Losing inches today.
3-29-2011.........Phase 2 Day 27-196.....7 more till my goal of 189!
3-30-2011.........Phase 2 Day 28-197.....Still loosing inches. Two more weeks! Will I make 189 ?

3-31-2011..........Phase 2 Day 29-196.5 Have great faith I will loose some weight next day because I can spell R E L I E Hee hee.
4-1-2011............Phase 2 Day 30-195....YOU ARE GOING TO STAY FAT FOREVER. APRIL FOOLS ! No...In reality you can be CURED OF YOUR FAT JUST LIKE ME!
4-2-2011............Phase 2 Day 31-196
4-3-2011............Phase 2 Day 32-196
4-4-2011............Phase 2 Day 33-195 Surely gonna crack this 2005 ! we'll see.
4-5-2011............Phase 2 Day 34-194.5 uuuuuuuuaaah. But..Out of town 3 days. Ate at Olive Garden. Ate Off
4-6-2011............Phase 2 Day 35-197 Ouch ! Out of town 3 days. Ate at Olive Garden. Ate Off
SALID ! Went to Casino. Ate their salid and hamburger.

4-7-2011............Phase 2 Day 36-??? No scales at Casino. Ate their salid and hamburger.
4-8-2011............Phase 2 Day 37-194.0 Back home and eating the food I am supposed to eat.
4-9-2011............Phase 2 Day 38-193.0
4-10-2011..........Phase 2 Day 39-192 Whowhoooo. 3 more pounds to goal !
4-11-2011...........Phase 2 Day 40-192 Gonna be close !
4-11-2011...........Phase 2 Day 41-190 Wow...I think I might make it to my goal and EXCEED IT
4-12-2011...........Phase 2 Day 42-189 Whohooo......Today I reached my goal of 189! Thanks Lord!
4-13-2011...........Phase 2 Day 43-187.

Exceeded my goal of 189 by 2 pounds. I have one more 2 puffs of the spray left tonight and the spray is gone. Will be eating 500 cal. for 2 to 3 days then I will begin to be hungry. There is a formula that I will post later for how many cal. I will be eating for the next 6 weeks, but it looks like I will be eating over 3000. I will explain later. For now I have to read up on Phase 3, which is the next 6 weeks.

* When you are not losing, you are at that time letting your body heal and are losing inches.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 2 of loading

And after weighing in this morning at 229...OUCH ! 3-1-2011
Day 2 of loading:
I may not have loaded enough, but after eating 2 whole pies in 2 days,and everything else, I just couldn't hold even one more bite of anything ! Second load day Phase 13-1-2011
1/2 cup oat meal, cup milk, 1/2 cup walnuts, 8 oz mandrian oranges, teaspoon honey, 4 coral calcium pills, 1 digestive enzime, 8 oz us tea, 1/4 piece of scrumptious cherry PIE !
10:00 1/4 piece of icecream pie12:00 lunchPeanut butter sandwich with 5 pickles1 cup lowfat cottage cheese with 16 oz mandrian oranges, 1/4 piece of cherry pie4:0014.25 oz Can asperigas, 2 cans sardines 16oz, 8 oz tea1/2 inch square cheese 87;00 SupperMCL. Big plate of mashed potatoesAnd beef and noodles, brockley and cheese, stewed tomatoes, blueberry muffin, piece of custared pie, 10oz water, 1 digestive enzyme.......wheeeee!Just couldn't eat another bite......

Monday, February 28, 2011

Started life change today

Phase 1 started today with my first of 2 day load days.

40pm on February 28, 2011, Mark Phillips said…

Today here is what I loaded with.

Breakfast- 1/2 cup oatmeal / 1and 1/2 cup of water / 1/2 cup milk

1 banana, 1/4 piece cherry pie,

8 oz water

3 coral calcium

10:00 1/4 piece ice cream pie

8 oz cranberry grape juice

12:00 lunch

7.5 oz raviola

14.5 oz green beens

8 oz unsweetened tea

4:00 1/4 piece ice cream pie

4 peanut butter patty girl scout cookies

8 1/2 inch cube blocks of colby cheeze

8 oz us tea

7:00 supper

Mexican rest

3 encheladas 1 cheeze, 1 chicken, 1 beef

lettuce, beens, rice

2 med reg cokes, chips, sausa, cheeze dip

8:00 quarter of ice cream pie

afraid to add up the cal. Hee hee


and day 2 of loading: 3-1-2011 weighed in at 229 this morning

I may not have loaded enough, but after eating 2 whole pies in 2 days,and everything else, I just couldn't hold even one more bite of anything ! Second load day Phase 13-1-2011
1/2 cup oat meal, cup milk, 1/2 cup walnuts, 8 oz mandrian oranges, teaspoon honey, 4 coral calcium pills, 1 digestive enzime, 8 oz us tea, 1/4 piece of scrumptious cherry PIE !
10:00 1/4 piece of icecream pie12:00 lunchPeanut butter sandwich with 5 pickles1 cup lowfat cottage cheese with 16 oz mandrian oranges, 1/4 piece of cherry pie4:0014.25 oz Can asperigas, 2 cans sardines 16oz, 8 oz tea1/2 inch square cheese 87;00 SupperMCL. Big plate of mashed potatoesAnd beef and noodles, brockley and cheese, stewed tomatoes, blueberry muffin, piece of custared pie, 10oz water, 1 digestive enzyme.......wheeeee!Just couldn't eat another bite......

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Phase 2 meals - Updated Here Daily

Meals Each Day- Phase 2
Food choices from diet allowed list only.

* To be edited and updated here for each day
the foods and anything I eat.

Meal #1. P1D1
1. Meat. 100 gram. = about 3 and 1/2 ounces.

2. Veggies I choice from list. * See new rule - can have as much as needed, but do not OVER DO IT !

3. Fruit

4. Melba toast

5. Drink

Meals Each Day- Phase 1

Meal #2
1. Meat. 100 gram. =

2. Veggie all I need * New rule !

3. Fruit

4. Melba toast

5. Drink

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